Creative Services

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    Do you offer custom designs?

    Action Printing offers custom graphic design and copywriting for all of our products for a small service fee. Whether you're looking for professional expertise or if you just don't have time, Action Printing's Creative team is here for you! Our marketing consultants will gather all the relevant details about your small business. Then, our professional graphic designers will create a custom design concept tailored to your project. You'll see your initial proof in just a few business days!

    Just call toll-free 1-888-226-5533 to speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives and they'll help get you started.

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    Do you offer copywriting services?

    Action Printing employs several professional and creative copywriters well-versed in writing effective copy for specialty fields including medical, government, advertising, and lobbying. They can provide convincing text tailored to your business for promotional materials such as brochures, special promotions, and events.

    In addition, our writing partners specialize in revamping existing publications and web sites for better content, clarity, and design.

    If you're having trouble conveying what you really want to say or simply don't have time to write it, consider the help of one of our professional copywriters.

    Just call (1-888-226-5533) one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives to get started.

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    What is the creative process?

    First, our marketing consultants will gather all the relevant details about your small business and project. Then our professional graphic designers will create a custom design concept tailored to your small business. You can then preview the design and ask for any corrections or changes you'd like. Once you're satisfied with the design and submit your approval, we'll push it forward into production.

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    How long will the process take?

    The turnaround time for creating the initial proof of your product is usually four business days from when you call. Please note that this turnaround time does not include any revisions you may request. So please plan ahead. Printing takes time. We all want our projects to be done with great care and to have their proper impact, so bring your ideas and projects well ahead of their anticipated due dates. Rush charges can ruin one's budget, and could be incurred when you haven't budgeted your time. We serve many clients and we want to treat them all with the same care that we do you.

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    Can you incorporate my own text and images into the design?

    Yes, just be sure you give all the relevant files and texts to the Customer Service Representative when they take your order.

    You can also submit your materials online using our easy upload form.

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    Can you recreate an existing design I have?

    Possibly - our professional designers can usually effectively recreate an existing design if given enough original artwork and information (copies of the original document, names of fonts used, digital versions of logos and photos, etc.). Usually the more information and original files you can give us, the closer we can get to the original.

    Call us toll free at 1-888-226-5533 to talk to a printing professional who can estimate how close we can get to your original design.

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    What is a "Proof"?

    "Proof" is a general term for the various ways of viewing what your project will look like once it's printed. Proofs are used to ensure your finished project looks the way you intended it. Action Printing uses many different proofs in the process varying from .pdf files sent to by e-mail to hard copies in shop usually printed on the same machine and same paper the final version will be printed on.

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    Why do I need a "Proof"?

    Print Professionals are still only human, we make mistakes. The more eyes that look at your project, the better. Proofs are a step in the printing process to make sure everything is spelled correctly, all contact information is correct, and the design is laid out the way you intended. Documents on a computer screen, printed on a home printer, and printed on our professional press can all look very different so it's important to see how the product will truly look when finished.

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    Can I speak to the designers directly?

    We prefer you speak mainly to our Customer Service Representatives for help on your projects. Our designers work on several projects at once that all deserve equal attention. However, creative meetings with the team assigned to your project can be arranged by your salesperson if you believe it necessary.

    You can request a creative meeting by calling us at -888-226-5533.

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    Can I pay extra to get my design finished sooner?

    Yes, you can pay extra for a "rush job", but we strongly advise against it. Design and Printing is a process that takes time. To ensure you receive the highest quality product possible, plan ahead and allot plenty of time to get the job done correctly and beautifully.

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    Do I get to keep the design files?

    Once you pay for a design, it's yours. If you'd like to have copies of the files, just ask. We can also forward files to other businesses for you if you like.

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