Mailing Services

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    Can I use my own mailing permit?

    Yes, as long as your permit is up-to-date.

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    Can I use my non-profit status for mailing services?

    Yes, as long as your non-profit permit is up-to-date.

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    Can I use my own mailing list?

    Of course. We just ask you submit it in one of our accepted formats. Microsoft Excel (.XLS) and Comma Separated Value (.CSV) lists are recommended. Tab Delimited (.txt) files are also acceptable.

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    What file formats are accepted for lists?

    Microsoft Excel (.XLS) and Comma Separated Value (.CSV) lists are recommended. Tab Delimited (.txt) files are also acceptable

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    What format do you recommend for my mailing list?

    We recommend using our downloadable template to ensure you have the proper list format and a faster turnaround.

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    Do you check my list for deliverability?

    Action Printing uses Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), a basic standardization and correction process to ensure that the addresses meet US Postal Service formatting standards.

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    When will my customers receive my mailing?

    For First Class mail, please allow approximately 4 days for mailing. Allow up to 2 weeks for Standard Rate mailing.

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    How does address validation work?

    If we detect a mismatch between the different fields in your address our software can try and determine what the correct address should be. We will make sure that your ZIP code matches your city and state and that your street address exists. If we cannot determine a correct address we will allow you to correct it yourself. This will help to ensure a prompt and accurate delivery of your mailing.

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    Is address validation necessary?

    Yes. The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires us to validate addresses before mailing your order. This allows us to receive the best possible postage rates and pass the savings onto our customers. Validation also helps to make sure your mailing is delivered in a prompt and accurate manner.

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    Will I be charged for duplicate addresses?

    If you ask, Action Printing will identify duplicates in your list and give you the option to delete them. Otherwise, yes.

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    What is the advantage in using Action Printing mailing services?

    Action Printing can be your one-stop shop for designing, printing and mailing your postcards. You do all the work in one convenient location and then your postcards are mailed directly to your recipients. We also give you a postage discount on your mailings. Our Mailing Services are a fast, easy and affordable way to get your message in front of your customers.

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    Can I combine two or more lists?

    Yes, you can merge two or more lists for a mailing.

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    How can I buy a new mailing list?

    Sending direct mail to a custom mailing list is easy, thanks to Action Printing's mailing list service. To start, simply choose your target market. You can send mail to consumers or businesses in a zip code, state, town, or city. Or you can mail to males or females within a specific age range. With our list service, you can create a production-ready list that meets your criteria in less than 15 minutes.

    If you'd like to purchase a mailing list, click here to get started.

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    Where do the mailing lists that I buy come from?

    Our data comes from Mailing Lists Counts, an industry-leading marketing information and solutions provider.

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    Do I own the data once the list is purchased? Are there restrictions?

    There are several usage options. You can select the terms of use you desire for your mailing list on check-out.

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    If I order a job with Mailing Services, can you just print and inkjet the addresses and ship the job back to me for mailing instead of mailing it yourself?

    Sure, just ask our customer service representatives when you make your order.

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    Can I have mail with undeliverable addresses sent back to me?

    If you have selected the proper type of mailing and postage, yes. In addition, to ensure that any invalid addresses are returned to you please be sure to include your return address on the back side design of your document, and the phrase "Return Service Requested".

    What's the difference between standard and first class postage?
    Standard postage is a cost effective but slower delivery mail option provided by the US Postal Service. Standard postal rates are only available for letter-sized mail, which includes oversized postcards.

    First class postage is available through the US Postal Service with different rates for cards (postcards) and letters. First class postage ensures quick delivery of mail to the recipient.

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    What's included in the mailing services fee?

    Mailing services fees include list processing, variable printing, address validation and delivery to the post office.

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    What is an excel spreadsheet (.xls)?

    Excel spreadsheet or .XLS for short is a file format used to store date and information created in Microsoft Excel. This format is commonly used by clients to store mail list data.

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    What is a Tab Delimited file (.csv)?

    Tab delimited or comma separated values or .CSV for short is a simple text file format that contains information separated by commas or tabs. Each line is one entry or record, and the fields in the record are separated by commas or tabs. This format is commonly used by clients to store mail list data.

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    There are more names on my list than I’m ordering. How do you decide who on the list gets mailed to?

    By default, if there are more names on your list than pieces ordered we will start at the top of your list and mail to all names until we run out of pieces or names, whichever comes first. You are also free to give us instructions on how you’d like the mailing run at the time you submit your mailing list. We can cut it off at the number you ordered exactly, regardless of overprints, take randomly from the list to get the right number, etc. You need to provide clear instruction and communicate this with the mailing services coordinator at the onset of your order.

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    How do I ensure my artwork is mailing ready?

    We require at least 3.5" of clear white space on the right side of your printed piece to ensure that you will not be charged more than our standard prices for mailing services. You can review a complete list of available mailing-ready product templates here.

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    What is an indicia?

    Indicia is a preprinted marking located in the upper right hand corner of each piece that will be mailed via first class mail or standard mail (formerly known as "Bulk" or "Third Class"). Indicia shows payment of postage by the sender. Action Printing can add the proper indicia for you.

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    Do I need to provide Action Printing with an indica?

    Action Printing can add the appropriate indicia for you if you like.

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    Can I use my non-profit indica?

    Action Printing allows non-profits to use their own indicia as long as their non-profit status is current.

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    Why do I need so much empty space on the back of my postcard?

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) has strict guidelines for mailing services. The only text allowed in the address space is the indicia (or mailing stamp) and the recipient's address. In addition, Action Printing can not guarantee our standard mailing service prices if you don't adhere to our file preparation guidelines.