Problems with the Site / E-Mail

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    The images don't appear in my e-mail

    You need to be sure has been added to your address book or safe senders list. If you're still having problems, there's also an option to view our newsletter on our website here.

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    I don't receive my E-Mail Newsletter

    Make sure has been added to your address book or safe senders list.

    You can also check your "spam" or "junk mail" folder to check if your newsletter accidentally ended up in there. If it has, make sure to click on the "not spam" button to ensure further correspondence from Action Printing goes to your inbox and not your spam folder.

    If you still aren't receiving your e-mail newsletter, call (1-888-226-5533) or e-mail us ( and we can double-check to make sure we have your correct e-mail address in our mailing list.

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    How do I e-mail an attachment?

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    How do I view my e-mail attachment proof?

    Action Printing submits all proofs as .pdf (Personal Document Files) attached to your the message. You'll need the free Adobe Reader program in order to view the proofs which you can download from their website. Once it's installed, you should be able to view your proof.

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    How do I submit a file on your website?

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    When I use the submit using the easy upload form on your website, I get a "network timeout" error message. What can I do?

    Your file may have been too large - your file submission must be under 100MB. You can compress your files and try again - learn how here. You can also break your submission into smaller multiple ones - send half the files in one submission and the other half in another.

    If you still have problems, you can bring in or send your files to the shop on a CD, disk, or flash drive.

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    How long should the file transfer take using your easy upload form?

    In Perfect Conditions, these are files transfer speeds:

    56 kbps modem 128 kbps ISDN 256 kbps DSL 1.5 mbps T1
    1 Mb File 5 min 1.5 min 40 sec 6 sec
    2.5 Mb File 13 min 3.5 min 1.75 min 15 sec
    5 Mb File 26 min 7 min 3.5 min 30 sec
    10 Mb File 40 min 14 min 7 min 1 min
    1 Gb File 80 min 28 min 14 min 2 min

    But it depends on the size of your file, the speed of your connection, and amount of internet traffic.

    If it seems to take an extraordinarily long time or you keep receiving a "network time out" error, you should consider bringing your files to the shop on a disk, CD, or flash drive.

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    I'm using AOL - why can't I finish my upload?

    If you use America Online, you should be aware that AOL limits your inactivity on the web and could disconnect you if you are not a current, active user. Uploading files appears to be inactivity to AOL. It is recommended that you keep your AOL email account open at the same time you are uploading your files. This can help prevent the possibility of getting disconnected during your file upload.

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    How do I know my upload was successful?

    You should receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you entered into the form, but you can always call the shop (1-888-226-5533) and ask if we received your files.

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    What does it mean to "Zip" or "Stuff" my files?

    "Zipping" in windows and "Stuffing" on a Mac is a means of compressing your files making them smaller and faster to send. It's also a good way to send multiple files all together. In its simplest form, similar "elements" comprising the data of the file are eliminated upon compression, and then recaptured upon decompression. This process is a lossless process, and as such, no image quality is lost. If you want to learn how to zip or stuff your files click here.

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    Do I have to Zip or Stuff my files?

    No, but compressing your files has many benefits. Zipping allows you to send multiple files at one time. It also makes your files smaller so that it takes less time to transfer and makes it less likely to become corrupt.