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What is Facility Management?

A way to save your company time and money.


We give you the convenience and speed of the latest on-site print technology without the risk of in-house investment.


We install printers and copiers tailored to your businesses needs and provide maintenance and tech support. So you can focus on what you do best, rather than tinkering with the copier.


Each machine keeps detailed reporting on each account’s printing so you can charge your customers by number of copies or by paper size at prices you set.


Take Total Control of Your Copies

Our Facility Management software and monitoring device enables you to keep track of who is printing and what they’re printing.


  1.  Installation and Training
    Our trained personnel will perform a complete analysis of your office paperflow. We’ll help you determine the volume of prints, copies, faxes, shipping documents and any other areas that could benefit from our services and then recommend the products best suited to meet your needs now and in the future. One of our representatives will install the products at your office and then we’ll then train your staff in how to effectively use them and get the most out of your investment. We will also continue to provide for you with regular maintenance and tech support.
  2. Manage Prices
    Set the prices of all your office printing simply with our software. You choose how much a color copy or a legal-sized copy should cost.The Print Audit software allows you to set your own prices on your copies and on their individual attributes (color, size, duplexing, stapling, etc.).
  3. Set Account Restrictions
    You decide who can print in color or print from a certain machine. The Print Audit software gives you a full range of options to customize each account with permissions and restrictions.
  4. Digital File Archives and Retrieval
    We can help you create a digital archive of your company’s documents. By converting your printed documents into digital .pdf files, you be able to search all text in your archives quickly via your computer rather than digging manually through filing cabinets. Best of all, the archive can be added into your company’s network for easy access from any connected computer.
  5. Track Copies and Print Invoices
    The Print Audit software keeps track of every copy made and every document printed. It empowers you to print invoices for each account simply and easily from your computer.



Saves You Money

Have the best tech without a huge investment. We offer several flexible plans and the equipment is customized to your specific needs. Plus, your employees stay at their desk doing what they do best rather than messing with the copy machine.


Got a Big Job?


We’ve got your back. If you need a large volume of copies fast, you have our copy shop headquarters and fleet of printers and copiers at all across Lubbock at your disposal. We’ll help outsource your large job to our other locations and get the job done quickly so you won’t have to tie up your own printer for hours.


One Easy Monthly Bill


You get one easy to understand invoice once a month – including service, supplies, and maintenance. We’re the easy solution for all your office printing needs.

Who Can Benefit from Facility Management?

  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Accounting
  • Insurance Companies
  • All Mailrooms
  • Architectural Firms
  • Management
  • Retail Distributors
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Institutions



We currently have installed print facilities at 10 managed locations all across Lubbock.


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