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In a study commissioned by American Business Media (ABM), it was revealed that 75% of individuals prefer to be contacted by mail. Action Printing offers a wide range of mailing services. Whether you need our help launching your direct mail campaign or you just need a little help mailing your piece, Action Printing has a solution. We can be your one-stop shop for designing, printing and mailing your postcards. You do all the work in one convenient location and then your postcards are mailed directly to your recipients.

  • Design



    Action Printing will work with you through the design process to ensure that your piece meets all postal regulations and receives the highest possible postal discounts.


    Examples of Typical Mailing Pieces:


    • Postcards: Standard and Unusual Sizes
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
    • Greeting Cards and Invitations
    • Booklets
    • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – EDDM campaigns do not require mailing lists!
  • Mailing lists


    Mailing Lists

    Action Printing is proud to command several of the most comprehensive, up-to-date demographic databases in the world which we can use to connect you to your ideal clients. If you can describe your perfect customer, we can find your perfect customers!


    For individual consumers, we can narrow down your list based on qualities as general as age, sex, and profession or as specific as buying habits, disposable income, or the type of vehicle they drive.


    We also can provide you a valuable list of commercial clients as well, using attributes including verified phone numbers, sales volume, years in business, number or employees, minority-owned businesses, among others.


    We can focus your campaign to advertise either from one business to another or from the business to the consumers.


    If you’re interested in purchasing a mailing list you can call one of our sales representatives toll-free at 1-888-226-5533 or order online here.

  • More Mailing services


    Variable Data

    By adding variable data fields you can customize and personalize your direct mail pieces for potentially increased response. With variable data printing, the basic layout of your printed piece is the same but in special spaces you can insert different names and addresses, graphics, messages, and other customizable elements into the layout to create unique targeted mailers all in one print run.


    Great for postcards, mailers, newsletters, and catalogs. Also works well for tickets or notepads



    We professionally address your mailing piece with labels for a cleaner look. We offer first class and standard postage options with a typical mailing time of 3 to 5 business days. You’ll get First Class delivery at Bulk mail price!



    By processing your list with our specialized software, we are able to reduce your postage costs. For presorted standard or presorted first class mail, our software adds a delivery point barcode to take advantage of automation discounts in addition to the presort discounts. Since we presort, we save the Postal Service time and effort so they’ll reward you with big discounts in postage. Plus, your mail will be delivered faster as it will bypass handling steps inside the postal system. You get faster mail delivery and better postage savings.


    And it doesn’t end there. By using the U.S. Postal Service’s new Intelligent Barcode technology, we can monitor the delivery status of your mailings and pinpoint when your message will land in your customers’ mailboxes. So you’ll know when to expect their response and you can be prepared and sufficiently staffed.

  • Online lead capture


    Take Your Mailing Campaign Further with Personalized URLs

    Refreshing and updating one of the oldest forms of correspondence, Action Printing offers integrated online content to complement mailing content. You’ll link the impact of your message with the interactive capabilities of the Internet, helping you convert more direct mail recipients into valued customers. It’s an amazing lead generator.


    We do this by adding a personalized URL or “PURL” which is a customized Web page with a unique address for each customer on your list. By incorporating PURLs into your direct mail and other communications campaigns you’ll intrigue and flatter your customers and invite them to visit their own personalized web page.


    Most importantly, this technology gives you a way to gather information and stats about your recipients practically in real-time. You’ll be able to tell who responded to your mail online, when and where. Plus, you can choose to add a survey for your visitors to answer to gather even more detailed information.

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