The secret of successful marketing is simple:

Find people who interested in your product and tell them about it.


But how do you find those people? And what is the best way to share your message with these strangers?


We help you find potential customers and contact them in engaging ways through direct mailing and personalized URLs (PURLs). You’ll receive marketing advice, custom graphic design, printed products, mailing services, custom web content, and reports for one price.

Today we’re bombarded with advertising. On average, a person today is exposed to 5,000 ads a day compared to the 500 of the 1970s. Don’t waste your time or money with unfocused marketing campaigns. We help focus your message on prospects most likely to respond. A study commissioned by American Business Media (ABM) found that 75% of individuals prefer to be contacted by mail. We handle all aspects of mailing from design to mailing lists to addressing and shipping.

What’s a PURL?

A Personalized URL direct mail campaign by linking it with a webpage. Each printed mailing piece will have a unique url with the customer’s name:

e.g. which will lead them to a unique webpage where they can learn more about your company and you’ll learn more about them. PURLs significantly boost response rates and can provide valuable information about prospects via web statistics and collected data.


It’s Good for Your Customer

It has been found that customers prefer an initial contact by mail and according to a recent Direct Marketing Association study, two out of three direct mail recipients prefer to respond online. And our “Personalized URLs” mailings do just that – contact them politely by mail and then allow them to respond online.


It's Good for You It’s Good for You

You can add more information to a website than you can usually fit on a printed piece. You’ll be able to send a follow-up e-mail. You’ll be able to see who’s interested through stats and responses.


Even More Benefits:

The Internet is a Multimedia Experience The Internet is a Multimedia Experience

You’ll link the impact of your message with the interactive capabilities of the Internet, helping you convert more direct mail recipients into qualified prospects and valued customers. With the internet, you can add interactive and dynamic elements like customer surveys and video content. You’ll engage and educate your customers in a fun way.


Updates in Real Time Updates in Real Time

No waiting for weeks at a time for returned responses through the mail – you’ll start to see people visiting and responding to your PURLs within hours of the postcards hitting your customers’ mailboxes.


Track and Analyze Track and Analyze

When someone visits the website, we’ll be able to tell exactly who they are. There’s no more guesswork on success of your campaign because you’ll be able to tell who received their postcard, who clicked on the link, and how long they visited their personal webpage.


Discover and Identify Trends Discover and Identify Trends to Better Market to Your Audience

Given the nature of digital data, you’ll be able to sort Data In Mass, Individuals, or by Demographics and graph your data easily. This allows you to identify trends and measure success. We’ll have their basic demographic information too – age, sex, income. For instance, you can see how many women responded just in one city or go even further and find out how many 20 to 25 women from a city responded.


. . . We like to think of it as “intelligent” marketing.

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